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Modesty By Aisha

Easy Quran

Easy Quran

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All profits from the sale of the Easy Qurans will be donated to charity. 

Easy Quran contains Arabic text with word for word and fluent English translation. 

Reciting Arabic words of the Holy Quran is a great form of worship and a means to obtain the pleasure of Allah SWT. 

However, the main goal of the revelation of the Holy Quran is that it should be comprehended; its verses pondered upon and guidance be received from its content. Therefore, without comprehending the meanings of the Holy Quran, only its recitation is not enough.

Allah SWT says:

"This (Quran) is the Book that We have sent down to you, full of blessings, that they (people) may ponder its revelations and that men of understanding may receive admonition." [38:29]

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